Red Light

He waits while you wait tables thinking you might want the tips. He finds you at the bus stop with your name upon his lips. He stands near doors and whistles with hyenas leering grin. He looks at you with hard eyes like you’re leading him to sin. Love has no greater value but the … Continue reading

procrastination by passive aggression

I have a million and two things to do today. But sure, add another burden to my load. The pile is only consuming up to my shoulders, my arms still mostly free. Fine, I can’t move, but movement is overrated. Complaining is so much more useful than getting it done…

Screaming through the Lift Tubes

Just 365-odd days of feeling like a foghorn. Sick on a week of weakness after months of mondays and our voices get bottled out, pinned up, and stuck on signs for you to deface until all is left is our face on a pinup. The duct tape you use to silence our whispers of “no, … Continue reading


And you will eat your orange marmalade to bless your throat. The taste will melt and fade and wilt until your tongue does itch– and you will pick at lips and wrists and skin to find the pinching fingers there within. There are no fingers: that is just life’s glitch. The marmalade will always, always … Continue reading


I think I saw another here Among the store-front shops I stare And back at me another glare Belies another presence near On empty streets I may but fear.   And in the darkness of the night I see those lamp-light eyes belit And like a moth towards I flit But this, beware, is dark … Continue reading


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