My eyes flicker open. Where am I? I sit up and let my eyes adjust to the their surroundings. I appear to be on a table in a bright white room. A few feet in front of me is a door. Nothing else of note appears to be present in the room. …How long was … Continue reading


I would walk the world wide Just to stand here by your side As we hold hands, I won’t let go Let us dance across the snow I stand here at the crossroads Two paths that I could take The brighter road, it calls to me A feeling I cannot shake As time proceeds in … Continue reading


The flowers are all wilted now Their time has come and passed Some dusty letter, forgotten vow Great times in stone are cast

Red Light

He waits while you wait tables thinking you might want the tips. He finds you at the bus stop with your name upon his lips. He stands near doors and whistles with hyenas leering grin. He looks at you with hard eyes like you’re leading him to sin. Love has no greater value but the … Continue reading

procrastination by passive aggression

I have a million and two things to do today. But sure, add another burden to my load. The pile is only consuming up to my shoulders, my arms still mostly free. Fine, I can’t move, but movement is overrated. Complaining is so much more useful than getting it done…


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