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    Brad meets her in the parking lot behind the school, and doesn’t look her in the eyes once. Vicki smiles dutifully and tries to fumble for her keys faster. He says something obviously fake, gives her a sultry grin, “accidentally” calls her “baby,” and looks straight through her. Vicki manages to get in her car before he puts his arm around her shoulders again. She waves him goodbye. It’s expected.

    Jeremy gets her most days at inventor’s club. He says hi, and she asks him about his day, and he doesn’t stop expounding on it until the bell rings. Vicki doesn’t talk. She smiles dutifully and welds another wire. It’s expected.

    Clarissa giggles and asks about both, leading questions, shallow advice. She sighs romantically and says she is soo lucky to have two hot guys hanging off of her. Clarissa looks through her too, Vicki thinks. But at least she looks through her as a person. She smiles dutifully. It’s expected.

    Vicki also cries dutifully, crocodile tears, when Brad punches Jeremy in the hallway. She cries dutifully to Clarissa, and swears she never expected anything like that at all.

    One Response to “High School Romance”
    1. Kathryn says:

      This is so true it’s sad. Great post!

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